After the death of his father Henry II in 1189 Richard I ascended to the throne of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and was crowned King at Westminster Abbey.

His realm, which also covered almost half of the present-day France, was also called the Angevin Empire.

He was also surnamed:

"Richard the lion hearted"

In his new capacity he also assumed all the related responsibilities of his father, including (not least) the grandmasterY of the Knights from the Round Table.

It were these knights who accompanied him on his crusade to the holy land and led him to victory over Saladin.

After his return during his battle to recover the lands occupied by Philippe-Augustus of France, he was struck by an arrow at the siege of the castle of Chalus, which belonged to the domains of the traitor Count of Limoges Aimar V and died 12 days later.